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Now I am terribly confused I have NEVER gloated or raved about ANY store. Would you care to direct me to such a post??? The only thing I have ever said about any store is the store I work at... Kris' Reptiles... that the animals there are always cared for to the best of the stores abilities, have clean water, and are well fed. Now this store has never had any affiliation with this site in any way, as far as I know I'm the only person from that store even to visit this site. So ya know, this is starting to come across as picking and its wearing really thin. It seems you are looking for something wrong with my posts - and now making material up altogether. So be careful before you label me a hypocrite... everything I have said in that post was nothing short of my most sincere and honest feelings, and it sickens me that anyone would think otherwise. I care about these animals more than anyone could ever know. I value them above all else. If you can't see that, well, then that's that - but in the future please be more careful when throwing labels and accusations.
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