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To Linds, No iam not picking on your or anything.. But your post is kind of hypocritical. Ive seen you gloating and raving about certain pet stores. One that hosts this site ( i wont say just because iam not going to be banned over a post) And i know a quite a few people will not even step foot into that store due to mite problems, and the general care of their animals. Maybe iam wrong. I think you'll probably get wind of who iam talking about, so maybe you can clarify this.

And before people start claiming iam accusing them, as i know quite a few people host this site, but there is one right on the top that has links all over the place too. Iam sure you can figure this out without really getting annoyed. Sorry to all those who are offended by this post. It's just something ive noticed, and its something that really makes me boil. is offline