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In about a months time we will have a large enough colony of rodents that will sustain all our animals. I understand what you are saying about selling the animals at cost. And basically we are selling alot of animals at cost. for instance many of the animals that we have for sale were purchased from breeders in the states. Now when you take into consideration that there is the cost of cites paper work which cost 200 Us dollars then the cost of shipping and then the taxes payed to customs you basically have to sell the animals at cost. I am not in this business to get rich, never once did i think about getting into it to get rich. I am doing something that I enjoy doing it. I enjoy spending everyday with over 600 snakes, its awsome to go there and check on each one, and see all the different personalities and behaviors of so many different species of snakes. I am constantly, checking each individual animal. Sometimes I spend hours just admiring them all. I love this work that I do. I held many different positions in life in different work environments, but nothing was found to be more awarding then when I started caring for so many different animals.
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