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hey brian.
justa cpl of thoughts, firstly i believe that as herp keepers / breeders we have a responsibilty to protect what is left of pure bloodlines.
boa constrictors are in such a mess and have been for a long time. some ppl say its ok to breed a colombian with a mexican. me, well i'd have to say no, y do it? alot of the time its because pl cant get a true pair of locales, so they go with what they can get.. hogg island boas seem to be the exception, at the moment it is probably one of the only true subspecies left, even though it is still lumped with the imperators.
as for the arboreal snakes green trees seem to be the "easiest" to handle. all are great to keep and hopefully breed, in some ways i think jeff has a valid point, but unfortunatly so mant ppl dont give a sh*t if they sell a true species or a hybrid. whats the point in breeding a burm with a retic? or a corn with a king? so what if it may (very rarely) happen once in a million in the wild. the way the world is going that in only a few generations, the only wild animals, including snakes, will be in captivity.
flash foward a few hundred years.............there yet?............................."this is a boa, or it used to be.
weird and stupid, but it may happen.
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