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Boa Mania, i have seen you selling some snakes in the classifieds for regular or slightly cheaper prices, but if you truly needed money to buy feeders you would be selling them AT COST and at all costs to get that money so you can support your own business. Asking for charity when you still have a ton of options at getting the money to feed your stock is just not acceptable for any company to do. You have 600 snakes and you need donations to feed them, it is not hard to see what has to be done is snakes need to be sold at any prices as long as your not losing to buy food to feed them, and dont think about 1 feeding you need to alleviate enough snakes at whatever price it takes to feed your snakes for at least 1 month or this is just going to happen again. Try not to take it as a attack i am trying to help you.
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