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well..... i read the origina k i n g s n a k e post and it was far different from the post here!
mister sinister: good points.
kate17: why was he ripped off for 2000 from africa, it takes alot of time to get reputable contacts around the world not a few months.
the gino: boamania recently posted about underhand practices by london reptiles complaining that he lost out on what amounted to a quick profit, love of the animals..mmmmmmm
i'm not sayiong what happened is a good thing, i'd never wish that upon anyone. but things get easily overlooked when it comes down to the number one problem in this world.
perhaps its time to breed more animals rather than mass import them.
respect is earned, not taken
do we really need that many imported animals? just because we can do it doesn't mean its a good thing.
In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king
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