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Well first I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful insights.

Mister sinister, I never once said that my snakes are starving, I just simply said, I had a string of bad luck come my way, and presently I am broke. I also said that, I dont have any feeders for all my animals, I am trying to build a sizable breeding stock of rodents, but that takes time to build. I have alot of younge snakes that need to be fed weekly, and I just ran out and now its almost two weeks since most of them last fed. And because some of my colubrids are extremely delicate this causes me to worry about them. And yes i do import and export alot of animals,( most if not all of the animals we import are captive born, and not wild caught) But I also, breed alot of animals, most of the Boa's I have are my own personal animals. Many are rare forms of boa constrictors. sure they can go months, but why would let you animals go that long with out food. I am okay, my good friend grant from port credit is gonna help me out in this time of need. I was really worried about where i was gonna get food for all the animals I have, this is why I went on kingsnake, because right now, there are so many uncertainties going on around me. I am trying to sell alot of animals, if you look at the classifieds I have been putting animals on sale, I have some really nice stuff for some really nice prices, like for instance I have some black milks that i produced that I am selling for what Mirdo sells them for at wholesale. All my animals i sell are in the best of condition. If you came to my store and seen the cages and rack systems I have in there you would be quite impressed. I am sorry if you think less of me because I went on kingsnake....... and asked for help, believe me I truly regret going on there. I began this post on here not to asked for help or mooch as you say, but to tell people on here about my present situation. Because I look at most people on here as my extended family. I have some very good friends on here as well so, I feel comfortable coming on here and sharing. So if someone on here decided to help me out then that is their choice. But i tell you it will be very much appreciated and just like someone already had said, "what goes around comes around."
As for the way I conduct my business affairs, we started this business on our own, and used all of our own monies to start it up, originally I was just into breeding boa's. And I wanted to collect all the different localities but because most of the more rare sub species were quite costly, I needed do something to fund my venture so here I am. But it wasnt just the fact that I needed to fund my boa projects, I also got into this business because I wanted to provide the public with a large selection of high quality animals. I also wanted to provide local pet store with quality animals. If you seen the animals that come out of places like Mirdo, you would be disgusted. Starting any business takes time, and I know with alot of hard work and determination I will succeed. I just got to roll with the punches. All I truly care about at this piont is, keeping my animals healthy. And like i said, Grant is gonna help right now, So everything is just fine.

thanx again everyone!!!

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