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Re: Live feeding for entertainment

Life prey can be a necessary evil under certain circumstances, but if someone considers it 'entertaining' or 'natural', they quite likely have snakes for all the wrong reasons.

There is nothing 'natural' about putting a live animal in an enclosed space with a carnivorous predator where the prey no chance of escape.

For anyone who may consider that 'entertaining', I'd invited them to be put into an area with a large, hungry Komodo Dragon where they become the prey and see if they still think it's 'entertaining'.

I can honestly say I've never taken a single image or frame of footage of any of my reptiles eating in the 24 years that I've been keeping them. Even posts from my favourite people to read will be skipped if I see a feeding image. It's unnecessary, we all know what it's about, we've all seen it countless times, it's not the best feature of any reptile and don't even get me going on the video that started all this - I've got something special in store for the idiot that posted that.
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