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Live feeding for entertainment

First off let me get one thing straight, this isnt about live feeding it is about the publishing / broadcasting of live feeding via video websites.

We have in the UK some grey areas when it comes to live feeding our reps mice rats etc infact some people get more worked up about that than murder.

We have also had recently a video where an unsuitable prey item was fed to a burmese python.

People feed their animals live food, it is part and parcel for reptile keeping, but when its published / broadcast it just gives more people the ammunition to have a pop at the reptile community in general, we all get tarred with the same brush.

Personally i would like to see all live feeding videos stopped purely to save face of the larger majority of responsible reptile keepers. Its not liable to ever happen but folks need to see that we are not all evil Hannibal Lecter types.

Shall finish by saying I am not against live feeding, it is something I have done for the snakes benefit. I just wouldnt broadcast it.
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