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LOL sinister I just read all your posts and you make me laugh, no offense or anything. I mean you refer to him as "less fortunate," he is not some bum of the street you know. He happened to run into a streak of bad luck, he couldn't have planned this. Like another member said, you don't understand his situation untill your in it yourself. I mean the poor guy reaches out to a community who you all say is "in it for the love of the animals." but apparently not. I mean, nevermind I am just going to end it there but think about it, put yourself in his exact situation before you slander his name, just think about it. That is all I have to said.

Hey boa I looked on kingsnake for the topic and I couldn't find it, I wanted to see the responses the certain individuals gave. Remeber I have 50 plus rat pups that are here waiting for you if you need them...
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