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I would

Just like to point out that no matter what Boa Mania does for business....he NEVER said his snakes were starving. In fact he said it had been a week I believe. And if you think *any* snake, especially an adult is starving after a week it looks like you have more to learn than he. If push came to shove and times were bad I would have no problems making my adult snakes wait even 14 days to eat. It does not hurt them in any way, and a lot of keepers do this on purpose I have heard. (3 months once per week, then a couple weeks off)

He was asking for help. If that means you don't want to buy snakes from him, I am sure he doesn't mind. When it comes to asking for help its hard enough without people claming you are starving your snakes and won't buy from you. Time are hard now for everyone and will be much harder in the future.

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