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Well i was just on his site and i dont think he breeds anything, it looks like he is a importer, so if he needed money that badly, im sure he could sell some of his snakes at cost or just above cost and i am sure people would buy them quickly if he sold them cheap enough and he still wouldnt take a loss. Just a few things to think about before asking for charity... Like you guys said if a snake misses a few meals, its not going to hurt it, so i think if he reduced some of his prices to just above his cost to move some animals to make some money for feeding it would be better then asking people to send him feeders. If the snakes ate last week they dont need to eat again for another 2, so there is plenty of time to reduce your prices and make some quick sales to purchase more feeders. This is just what i would do if i was in this situation. I am not knocking him, i have had bad times aswell, like everyone has, i am just offering him some solutions to his problem.
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