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Hey, by the way, MSinister, I don't think you read his original post properly... there was no way he could have predicted his situation, and it just so happened he got struck by bad luck. I'm sure if you've ever had that happen, you can appreciate his situation... and if you haven't, then I say until then you don't have a right to judge how his animals are treated. You don't know what conditions they're in and have no proof that his animals are by anymeans mistreated or starving or anything of the sort. As dead bob said, a snake that misses a meal or two is far from starving. We've only heard good things about him anyway, so why are you making assumptions? If you ever need help and need someone to turn to, you'd turn to your family and friends for help, wouldn't you? Well personally I think it's great that he can turn to people like those on this board who have so generously offered to help.

It's amazing that so many people can trusted to help in a time of need, and I don't think you should be trying to make him feel bad. I should hope that his kind of bad luck would not come across anybody, but if it does it's comforting to know there's so many people to count on.

I'm so proud! lol
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