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A snake that misses a meal or two is far from starving.

In case you havent noticed, but the entire world is having an economic downturn right now and all businesses are hurting. He could have "liquidated" part of his collection to make it easier. Instead, he goes to the other place and asks his peers for help. These are the people who should understand the most but he is attacked for it. It took alot of guts for him to do that and it shows he truely cares about the animals and it's not just a business. Most breeders do not make money doing this. They do it for the love of the animals and not love of money. They would do something else if it was about money.

I personally would buy an animal from him because based on his posts he has displayed he has knowledge of and a general understanding of the animals and more importantly he cares. The only thing that would prevent me is the cost. Could you believe the shipping and import costs coming from Nova Scotia to Arizona?

Anyways, good luck B.M.
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