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I saw your posts on ************** and if you want my opininion i really think that by posting that on ************** and here, you just lost ALOT of business. I am only speaking for myself but you have just told me that your snakes are starving and you cant afford to feed them. So me as a potential customer is defenatly not going to buy a starving snake or one that is being starved. Also, asking for free feeders etc would be fine if you were a rescue or free zoo or something but you are a retailer of animals. If McDonalds runs out of beef they dont ask Wendys or Burger King to supply them with free meat. So by posting on kingsnake you really just lost customers who would have bought snakes but wont now because they are being starved and in return you lost money that could have been used to feed the snakes you have. Thats just my 0.2cents.
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