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Originally posted by Gorelith
LOL, I know exactly who you mean Katev17, I used to live in Gloucester and heard the same story from the same person. Pet Haven is my favorite pet store in the Ottawa Region, they keep their animals in great shape, and really care about them, unlike pet..the corporate giants. There's another one in the Place d'Orleans i'm not too fond of, but anyhow, I love Pet Haven, great staff, and their animals are well cared for.
HAHA! Gorelith, yea, she's such a snot.... Where's Pet Haven?? I don't think I've been there....

The one in place d'orleans closed (Thank goodness)... One day I walked by on my way to work and a handwritten sign was up that said "Little Friends is closed. There is no other pet store in the mall. Goodbye." It was freaky....

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