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Talking WOW!!!! thanx so much all!!

wow you all are so awsome on here, I truly appreciate all the kind words, and especially the offers. I searched around nova scotia and i dont know any big scale rodent breeders, i am trying to breed my own rats but most of my females i have are still too younge, in about a months time i should have a large enough colony of rats and mice to sustain myself, but right now i just dont have enough, i had a few litters a few days ago, but i didnt even finish one rack system.
I never truly appreciated the ammount of rodents a large collection of snakes could go thru.

I want to include that Grant from Port Credit Pets, has been awsome!!! He is always there to help out fello herpers!!! And in the short time I have been around he has always been there for me, Thanx Buddy!!!
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