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Re: also

Originally posted by marisa
Just out of curiosity could you maybe find a larger scale or medium scale rodent breeder who would be willing to possibly work something out for rodents?

Say a trade?
Or maybe some sort of "advertising" in your store for feeders as payment?
Or maybe a promise/agreement to continue puchasing the large amount of rodents you need from the same location in the future, if they can give you a front on a week or two worth now?

My suggestions sound ridiculous...but my best.

those arent ridiculous marisa. that is the way people used to treat each other ... you have something someone needs, they do something for you that you need done and you give it to them. that is the way the world ought to work. my husband fixes and builds computers on the side and the pet store owners here always need work on their systems and help with problems and things. one late evening one of our snakes arrived and it was bigger, by about a foot, than we had thought it would be, a bit older than we assumed, and the tank we had it could have lived in for a few days to a week but we didnt feel right puting it in there. we called them and caught them just before they left the store and they GAVE us a two hundred dollar tank for free, knowing we didnt have that without planning for it. we have two very small children. two hundred bucks is a lot to us. and my hubby is just doing their comp work for free until it is paid off, which isnt long really, with comp work being so time consuming. we also have done stuff for them for free in the past, so we get mice and rats at a discount from them, and last week when we were in there, she GAVE me a big nice ceramic hide for my burm for free.
that is not a ridiculous suggestion, just shows that you are a good hearted person and expect the rest of teh world to be as well.
wish there was something i could do to help
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