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Well I have a story similar to the follow, I will not mention any names. I am a website designer, and usually create web designs in return for herps. Well I had just got into herping and baught a Veiled Chameleon. I had an aquarium for him, but soon found out it would not be suitable. Well I found an individual who was willing to make me an enclosure in return for a webdesign. Being desperate for an enclosure, I accepted and created a website. I contacted him and told him I was finished, and whether he wanted me to send the layout in a zip file or post it on the web. He then said the deal is over. He stated it was because there had not be sufficient contact between us, but I don't understand what other information was needed, I knew everything I needed to know to create his design. Anyhow, I had been screwed out of hours of my time...yea it sucks...
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