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people on kingsnake are so mean

Man I have been having bad luck over these past few weeks, i got swamped with bills, and then I got ripped off by an african company for 2200 dollars and then my floor caved in in my store and it cost me a chunk of money to repair it, and then to top this off I havent sold anything since christmas, and it finally took its toll on me , and right at the moment I am broke. I dont have enough to feed my animals this week, so i went on kingsnake boa forum and asked for some help in feeding my animals thinkin that maybe there are some well off boa people in the states that may possibly donate a few frozen rats, because in the states there are boa breeders who are millionaires, anyways, all i got was put down and criticized. they thought i was scammin people and they pretty much called me a bum, saying i should just give away all my animals. I thought it wouldnt hurt to ask, but now I totally regret asking for help on there, they are such mean hearted people down there. I know that in a few weeks I will be on top off my game again, I just got worried about my animals. I have over 600 snakes that need to be fed and i dont have enough to feed them this week, but it could change tomorrow, but i was a little worried about it so I posted a post asking for help. Never again, man there are some cruel people in this business. I just never anticipated that everything would slow right down after christmas, if i knew this i would not have sent 2200 dollars to africa, and then they go and ripp me off, sheesh, i never anticipated that my floor in my store would cave in, I just moved into this building a few months back and didnt know that the floor was rotted under neath, no wonder why the owner was so quick to get me into the building. sometimes life throws these obstacles in our way to see how we react, I just had a string of bad luck, I am sure everyone experienced this at one time or another. The people in kingsnake were putting down my husbandry and the way I keep my animals. Man I keep my animals in the best possible environment, I spend hours each day 7 days a week keeping them clean and happy. I Even give some of the aniamls daily baths. anyone who has gotton anything from me would attest to how nice my animals are. But on kingsnake they just pass judgement before they have all the facts!!! why are some people like that???

never ask kingsnake for help!!!! thanx for letting me vent.

peace, love and happy herping!!!

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