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It is unfortunate to say the least, and it is in any animal breeding. We went out of town once about ten, eleven years back to buy another Dalmatian when we were keeping them. I would have thought the man was great, his facilities wonderful and clean. Had I not seen the conditions of his non-Dalmatian animals. There were like seven baby Beagles in a little rabbit hutch with a board down over one side of the wire floor for them to lay on, about four or five feet above the ground. ANd countless other things wrong with other dogs. We brought one of the beagles when we had not really intended on two more dogs, cuz we felt sorry for them. It stayed very small, the size of a newborn pup for the six months that it lived.

Not only is it true that you cant trust people's word online, but it is so easy to fake all this good praise. Make a few IDs on a message board and post some good praise for yourself. And for some reason people get fanatical about the people they buy their reptiles from. They get one good deal and swear that this is the best breeder in the world, when they only bought once from them, over the internet and never spoke even on the phone with them much less saw their facilities.

It also goes the same with bad reviews on someone. Someone has a bad experience, or doesnt fulfill their end of a deal, and could even be to their own fault, who knows, and talks down a breeder unfairly. YOu never know the situation if you do not KNOW the parties involved.

But you know, it isnt just animals. Anything where any lives are involved, human or animal, there are no ethics no matter how much they say there are. People dying in ER's after waiting six hours to get in to a see doctor, being denied treatment for lack of insurance, and even if you have insurance, something i am dealing with right now, they want you to pay ahead for some services so I am having to put off my daughter's dental appt. until I and my insurance can pay up front. It is sad. No life is sacred anymore.

Thanks for depressing me, Fred, lol

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