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Audubon Field Guide Question

Hi! First I am using "National Audubon Society Field Guide to North America, Reptiles and Amphibians" I am sure there are many additions but I bought my Green covered copy last year...I am hoping one of you has the exact same book....

In the front photo section of the book there is a picture of a "Cornsnake" its number: 570 under "Snakes/Patterned"

To me, this is not a corn at all and mislabeled. I could be wrong, in fact I probably am. But does anyone else with this book see this? This snake is stout, has red eyes but not like a corn, I mean like orange red eyes. The markings are similiar to a corn but not on any corn I have ever seen and look more like a king if anything. But sure enough its labeled "cornsnake"

Can anyone give me more information?
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