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Totally agree Alicewave, I was in a store awhile ago, forgot where it was, but they had really nice looking herps that looked like they were taken care of properly. Then I noticed that they had a lot of puppies for sale. While the dogs did have food and water and their cages were clean (much better than some other stores i've seen) they were still supporting the puppy mills and backyard breeders who dont give a rats @ss bout the dogs they are producing.

In my oppinion you should either get your dog directly from the breeder, or rescue one from the pound or shelter. Same with any animal realy (although I think fish can make an exception, how many people really breed fish?) With the breeder you know the background of the animal and have a guarantee that the animal is healthy. Although shelters you don't get the health guarantee and background, you get a chance to save an animal and give it a second chance, and plus you arent spending $800 on a Cocka-Poo
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