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If you are planning to work in a pet store that sells dogs I wouldn't work there in the first place. Most ethical dog breeders will not sell puppies to Pet Stores because they have signed a contract with the AKC not to do so. Therefore most if not all pet store puppies come from puppy mills (inbred and inhumane). This means that the pet store is dedicated solely to making a profit from the pet trade regarless of the well being of the animals. That being said for dogs, a popular pet animal, I can't even begin to imagine how their reptiles are treated. I wouldn't want to support a store that supports puppy mills in any way so if it were me, I would rather put them out of business. I personally wont set foot in such places. That being said, more power to you if you work there and can help the reptiles in any way but don't be surprised if they don't let you because its not "cost effective" or whatever. I know it's a bit cynical but it's reality and that's life.
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