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Let's see....

1.2 siberian huskies (Kuma, Domino, and Savannah)
0.3 cats (Kally, Dizzy, and Kiku)
1.1 ferrets (Summer and Winter)
2.0 gerbils (Scrat and Skittles)
1.0 rat (Gollum)
and around 50 or so feeder mice (do those even count as pets?)

<img width="515" height="444" src=",0,0,1,1,515,444,FFFFFF">
From left to right is Domino, Kuma, my departed and much missed Shadow, and Savannah.

<img width="386" height="198" src=",0,0,1,1,386,198,FFFFFF">
Dizzy in her younger days

<img width="247" height="304" src=",0,0,1,1,247,304,FFFFFF"> Dizzy more recently (she's fatter now though), after sticking her head in the snow

<img width="314" height="170" src=",0,0,1,1,314,170,FFFFFF">
Kally in her thinner days

<img width="200" height="199" src=",0,0,1,1,200,199,FFFFFF">
Kally more recently

<img width="703" height="340" src=",0,0,1,1,703,340,FFFFFF">
Kiku testing out a new rack

various cornsnakes, 0.1 black pine snake, 1.0 uromastyx geyri, etc.

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