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I get about 30 spams a day. Some is cleared out by my junk mail filters and if it's not a private message I delete it. So, I haven't really noticed how many beastiality porn messages I've received lated. I noticed a couple earlier this week but nothing recently. Basically if it looks like junk I delete it. So, if people are wondering why I haven't replied to their email it's probably because I thought it was junk mail and deleted it.

I have noticed recently that I'm getting a lot of virus' sent to me from reptile keepers. Some of the account names are even reptile names as well. So, now if it looks like it's from a reptile keeper but there is an attachment I delete it too.

I have to suspect that people are browsing the sites and collecting email addresses because I've noticed that ever since I started advertising on Kingsnake the amount of spam has greatly increaed. It also doesn't help with hotmail and the like selling their email lists to spammers (how else can you explain signing up for a new account and then getting spam almost would they know your account was active otherwise???).

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