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Don't take this the wrong way but $80,000 a year isn't very likely. Most accomplished zoos make just enough to cover basic costs and add a few new displays. Running your own successfull zoo may depending on how you plan your finances may barely pay you at all. If you plan to work for someone else in the herp field as a herpetologist you'd have to be one of the more accomplished herpers in the world to pull in $80,000.
Realistically though, i think, that $30-40,000 is more likely once you're finished school. And quite possibly even less if you plan to run you own zoo (at least for the first few years). If you've got some good potential investors you could get lucky and hit the 50-60k mark. It really varies from city to city and zoo to zoo. But $80,000 i'd think would be more reserved for one of the top guns in a large canadian city. Not sure what it'd be like in the US. Either way I'd stick with what you want to do and enjoy doing. Don't think of it as money because too often people get lured into what they think would be great making big bucks, when they'd in many cases be happier doing something different for less. Love what you do, do what you love. Best of luck on your decision either way and hope you let us know how it goes.
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