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Question what am I doing wrong?!

every time I check my hotmail I have a bunch of notifications that there has been a reply to (a thread that I have posted in here).

I come here and check my profile, and it doesnt list any threads as being "subscribed" to. I click on "unsubscribe to all subscribed threads" (or something like that) and it says "thank you.... all of your subscribed threads have been deleted" (or something like that.

Whats up with this???? I am not trying to subscribe to *any* threads... yet my email address (that I listed here) is getting hammered with "reply to post(s)....."

I don't mind getting notifications of private messages... but every time someone posts in a thread I have posted in is a bit much. HELP!

***nevermind.... I see the checkmark in: " Email Notification: emails sent to you whenever someone replies. Only registered users are eligible. " underneath this post before I submitted it. (unchecking now).
Now my question is: is this always checked by default... or can I permanantly turn it off???
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