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Hello all, anyways i recieved an email from mike yesterday morning, I ment to post it but I was so busy yesterday, well here it is,

I'm sorry for sending you that tastless email, if your interested
I have a clutch of fifty hatching right now, I understand if your not but I feel pretty bad after letting you down, if I can help let me know. I'll send 40 in four weeks $20 each, no B.S. unless you want them younger but like I said I completely understand if you would rather not deal with me. Their good quality healthy Veileds and I'm not trying to push them on you I just don't know any other way to make up for causing this misunderstanding.
I know its my fault, I should've got back to you alot sooner.
Sorry man,
The last thing I need is to make enemies with any of the reptile guys out here. I'm sure you and me have alot more in common than differences.
Anyways let me know if I can do anyhting.
Sincerely Yours,
Mike London

WOW!!!! I am quite impressed with mike for admitting he was wrong and apologizing to me, that is all I really wanted, well that and the 40 veiled chameleons. well we will see what transpires from this, keep yah posted, happy herping!!!
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