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I love all animals and will have as many as I can squeeze into my place and can take care of! Here are some pics of my fuzzy pets:

Bobby (he's the same guy as in my avatar):

Nothing but the best for this little guy!!! I've tried numerous times explaining to him that he's a dog but he just won't accept it! To the point that he wants his own chair at the kitchen table!

This is Bobby (in the back) with Mathilda, a foster dog I had for about 5 months. She was such a sweetie and a cutie but the both of them raised hell ALL the time!!! This was one VERY rare moment that they were being nice and quiet

This is Bobby and Captain taking a snooze:

This is Captain, a retired greyhound racer. He raced for 5 years and has since then very well aclimated to his retirement!:

He's such a sweetie and sooo quiet! He does this thing where his tongue sticks out the side of his mouth. This is the only time I've been able to capture it in a pic, I'm still trying for better shots. He does this pretty often and it always fakes me laugh cause he looks like a real doofus!

Here's my Charlotte (I'll take any excuse to show her off !) I love this pic cause you can see her eyes... Creepy!!!

I also have a bunch of mice but I haven't taken pics of them, they're mostly food so I don't see the need for it. Maybe I'll take pics of the breeders one day.
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