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can't beleive no one has said "Hockey Night in Canada" yet!

as well as that (and NFL football) I like "OZ", "Sopranos", "NYPD Blue", "Law & Order", "C.S.I.", due to my girlfriend I seem to watch ER a lot - it has grown on me a tiny bit (but I dont bother if shes not around), 'whose line is it anyways', and then there are the all time classics like "All in the Family" "MASH" "Good Times" and the ultimate: "Sanford & Son".

Any and all Star Treks... with most DS9's being at the bottom of the heap though.

Its a shame the Howard Stern show on CBS isnt on anymore... I dont get the E-network that carries his daily show.

Edit added in later: DOH! how could I leave out the Simpsons?!
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