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There are some legitimate breeders around that actually sell only their own animals. But, there are mainy more that not only sell what they've got they do a lot of trades and sell other peoples animals as well. Not that there is anything wrong with that it's just that a lot of people assume that if you are buying a CB animal from a big breeder that they produced it (which is sometimes is not the case).

Some of the dealers in the states do breed their own animals and some of the "breeders" I'd classify as dealers as they sell more WC animals than CB. There are examples of this anywhere though.

Basically it all comes down to the individual company you are dealing with. Some companies deal with a lot of different types of animals but they also have many educated employees as well (not the kid next door who is getting minimum wage and doesn't care about anything).

As always it is best to deal with a reputable breeder who actually produced the animal him/herself or is well educated with working with the animal.

Just my thoughts anyways,
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