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I have posted on several of the "other forums". Some of them have been pretty good, however more than one or two have been Horrible. I wont blame it on the management just yet, but will say that the other forums spoken of tend to attract people that like to show their wealth and stature through what they keep reptile wise, and tend to have a "players club" mentality, wherein only people that can buy and produce popular things are given respect.


a) People that post tons of pics every other day, to get positive feedback from folks on forum.

b)Forum cliques, not necessarily created to answer newcomers
questions but to pat each other on the back and ohh and ahh
over their latest PURCHASE, or reproductive effort.

c)Trolls galore, whose main purpose is just to argue and fight and discredit individuals for whatever personal reasons they may have. Long winded system of evicting same.

d) Drinking, occasional sexual innuendos or talks on sex, and boasts about occupations.

Thank you Jeff ******** for creating a site that lacks most of the above, whose members treat each other as important, regardless of their knowledge level or income. I guess its true about Canadians, they are truly pretty cool.

Again thanks,

Fred Albury
Aztec Reptiles
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