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Originally posted by JasonBrennan
I have never used the "other" forum that you all are refering to simply because of it's format. I tried reading it a while back, and after a few minutes of looking at that, I have never looked at it agian, lol.

Andrea, being from the south USA myself (just a state away, remember??), I know how you feel. I don't think the "other" forum that you are refering to is all that bad, in fact I like it. I just stay out of all of the drinking and sexual discussions. I have had my share of fights over there, but it all shakes out in the end.

I don't like colubrids myself, but I certianly don't put anyone else down for liking or keeping them. To each their own, I say.
you are right, jason, i guess it isnt THAT bad, i just let some personal things that happened off the boards get in my way of enjoyment over there. there are a few good people that really care. they do waste way too much time talking about things that are inappropriate and then trying to outshout each other violently to cover it up.
kingsnake one is just a bore.
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