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Strange dream...

I had a dream that somebody gave me a file snake for my birthday, but it had no teeth whatsoever. It kind of slobbered everywhere and just sorta "gummed" everything... Anyway I was holding it and the snake just kept "gumming" my finger and getting this saliva-y spit everywhere, it was so gross... He was trying to cut me, and somehow in my dream, he did! Now I eventually got him to stop, but then I was all of a sudden standing outside an open enclosure that contained a siberian tiger and a couple of diamondbacks including a few babies that you could pet if you wished... (The theory on that was that the rattlesnakes wouldn't attack cuz the tiger's too big, and the tiger wouldn't attack cuz the snakes are poisonous... don't ask me, it was only my dream) Anyway, any dream analysers out there who could tell me what's up with that?


PS- when I woke up, the finger that the file snake was "gumming" on was actually cut... dun dun DUN
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