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Big dealers

I was cruising the American classifieds on Kingsnake...

Ever notice those couple of big compaines who have like 30 classifieds, in like almost every section, of like every herp you could want?

It's nice to see variety in the classifieds, but when I see the same company with soooo many animals, even one company openly stating that they are WC, it kinda bothers me....

Not like I think they shouldn't sell that many, or whatever, just it's weird ya know? I mean, when I actually *buy* a reptile (not a dumped on my doorstep like normal ) I look very carefully, at both the snakes available and their breeders, their breeders other ads, etc. And I can't invision myself ever buying something off a huge company like that....It just seems to me they wouldn't have time to know anything about a certain animal, seeing as they have classifieds for 2000 others, especially when they have WC. Of course this just really applies to the "norm" herps....common snakes and lizards as I know sometimes you can only get certain things from dealers like this....but anyways, it's just weird too me. I would feel like I was buying a piece of clothing at a dept. store or something, not an animal. I dunno! just random, rambling thoughts....

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