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Re: Rat care/Breeding sheet

Cheap feed concepts I use.

Unsweetened breakfast cereal.. Generic corn flakes are super cheap in bulk, Unsalted tortilla chips (The sound of 50+ rats chomping on Frito's all at once is wild), unsalted pretzels are often found in dollar stores.

I mix these **UNSALTED** snacks in with the rat feed, it's often cheaper than the rat feed is, and adds variety.

I often find these hard crunchy bread sticks (really bland) for a dollar a bag at the dollar store, rats and mice love them.

Hard dinner rolls that are no longer attractive to humans are ambrosia to rats, I have had bread given to me, the rats go crazy on it.

Just yesterday our wal mart had bags of generic Cheerios for fifty cents a bag.

Rats love cheerios, and its oat cereal, so it's good for them too.
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