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Your 100% right...and it is all childish. The truth is Marisa, competition is often fierce from one site to another. You have to keep in mind that the majority of sites out there are simple money or belong to their forums...or go somewhere else. This has never been the policy here, nor do we believe in the blockage of other photo hosting accounts. There is a few that we simply do not support, but that is in no way because we hate said website. In those cases its a server support/programming issue.

The whole truth of the matter is that various sites out there see others as a threat. We do not treat these matters as such as this site was built and maintained by an enthusiast who truly loves providing what he does to the internet community. Nothing would please any of us more than to see everyone get along. But as other sites grow and members jump from one to does their advertising and support, which makes them bitter. So in theyre minds blocking another providers photo hosting account somewhat stops the exposure of another site to other no knowing members...therefore helps keep their site together.

The rapid growth of this site has bothered one or two sites out there. It should. Our sense of community here is our strong suit. A formula that others have not been able to successfully follow. With that comes a good reputation, more members...while other sites have the reverse effects. The sad matter of the fact is that others dont realize that the herp community needs unity. Unity will lead to good husbandry, which will lead to a good reputation for the entire hobby in general. It is really up to you as members to pick and choose those that support the hobby positively, spend your time, money, and efforts surrounded by those who believe in the same virtues that you do. If that could happen, then perhaps there would not be this fighting between sites. Until everyone comes together...there will still always be this black cloud that hangs over the herper community. I hope this makes sense...feel free to email me with any other
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