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Photo hosting blocking

First let me say I totally 100% understand why forums or other member based sites must not allow people to constantly post links to other sites, advertisments, etc. And I totally support the policy of blocking out those names so they cannot be posted stopping the "free advertising" among other things.

But I need someone to answer me this....why is it being taken so far as not even letting members post using photo accounts from other similar websites? I think we all know what I am talking about. Today I couldn't even post a couple pictures of my iguanas on the "other" forum because they were in my gallery here. That is not the only forum it happens on. There are many others I've noticed who have blocked photo accounts from other forums with photo accounts. So I am *not* singling anyone out here. Please keep that in mind.

I find this is taking it too far personally. By basically "telling" people which photo provider they can post with on a forum might not be wrong from a legality point of view or even a buisness point of view. But it sure is crappy from a moral point of view in MHO. Especially when most of the forums who practice this do not even include a tiny mention of this in their T.O.S. The "other" forum certainly doesn't but they still told me I had violated terms of service by trying to post that photo and could be banned if I continued. Even though clearly no where in the TOS did I violate any rule. I re-read it many times.

If there was anything in any T.O.S. of any forum that does this, I would happily understand it, abide by it, and agree with it as its the private forum owners choice really....but when no mentions are being made, and this stuff is happening it makes me want to shout at all these wonderful websites (they really are great because where else would info be so widely available?) that they need to stop this childish and apparently secretive "blocking" (until you get a warning that is) and start working together..............
Advertising for each other, helping out the entire website reptile community instead of fighting with each other basically and making people choose between forums or else fear getting blocked from one or all.

Sorry I just needed to vent about this as after the "warning" I recieved just now from another forum, I was upset that this is how reptile forums in the online reptile community deal with competition.

Jeff- and BTW this is not a shot at this website as I stated, not sure if it even happens here, its just a general rant Just wanted to make sure thats known.

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