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Originally posted by corr
One of the very few snow days I remember was in 78 I think.
It could have been the one in January that year. I was living in Hamilton Ontario at the time. They don't get much snow there, so the city ground to a halt (but then all of southern Ontario was under 4 feet of snow too). Since I lived only 2 blocks from work, I was 'volunteered' to go and answer the phone for international customers who had no clue about what was going on.
Seems the only people who weren't at home those two days were me and the thief who stole my purse out of my desk while I was in the washroom.

Normal snow days are few and far between here. Last one I recall was January 98, when that ice storm passed through and did horrendous damage in Eastern Ontario and Quebec.

It's got to be pushing 2 feet (60 cm) of snow and more on the horizon, before they even consider closing schools. To close down businesses too ..... sheeeesh.... tons of snow, >60 KPH winds and -20 C/0F, or something close.
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