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Oh dear...

I would appear to be :

Queen Works-Like-a-Dog (for my short name) or
Countess Bop Around the Clock for my proper name!

How can I be both unless my job is lap-dancer? LOL!!!

(it isn't, by the way!!!)

And in Middle Earth I'm Drunken Harfoot,
Elvish - Baleanto
Hobbit - Rowan Cottonfoot from Tuckborough
Dwarf - Drar Bloodnose (hmmm, quite common for me, in Karate!)

but the one I feel most at home with...

Ork - Grubgob the Looter!!! Yeah! That's me!

LOL, thanks to Clownfishie and Them and Us for the huge giggle!

Brig (forever to be know as Grubgob)
"If you think you can't afford it, you just don't want it badly enough..."
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