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Yes, yes, yes, I agree...

Well, I only joined yesterday, and I completely agree - I was scared to ask questions in some of the forums 'over there', and always felt like I had to write reams of explanations and justification to head off stupid misunderstandings.

I know that writing can't always portray the author's true emotion, but slamming people before checking what they mean, and pulling someone's grammar and spelling to pieces instead of addressing what they asked, is just plain ignorant. Added to that is the complete lack of comprehension that there are people from (sarcastically whispers in fear) 'foreign countries' for whom English is a second language, and who deserve respect for writing a darn sight better english that I can write Dutch or French or German, etc!!!

Oh dear, sorry chaps and chapesses, my first post on ssnakess was a rant...

I've been 'over there' too long, I need to chill out, like this community... breath in... breath ouuuuttt...


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