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Snow...Day? What is this snow day you speak of?

The only way I don't have to go to school is if we have an ice storm (Like the one in ...97 was it?) and there's trees and power lines falling down all over the city! Otherwise it doesn't matter if it snows or not we HAVE to go to school/work... although, I saw a news clip of somewhere in the states where it snowed -- get this -- 2 CMs!! And everybody was panicking, they got out of school early and people where rushing out to the store to buy emergency candles... unfortunately I don't remember were it was but it was SO hilarious.

We've hardly gotten any snow this year *knock on wood*... Guess it's one of those global warming/ green house effect things going on. Oh well! I'm looking outside now and there's about 1.5 feet of snow in my backyard so there's hardly anything. Guess I better go put out my fire before my igloo melts... Haha
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