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Hahaha, well I see you're from Kansas, so I'm gonna assume that you get very little snow there, if any, am I right?
I once lived in Atlanta, Georgia, for a few years as a child and it snowed once the whole time I was there. It was about an inch of snow and it shut down the city for, like, 3 days! It was hilarious, actually...although I can understand, since no one there was used to driving in snow, not to mention the lack of winter tires! And it was maybe -10 to 0 C and everyone was so concerned about how cold it was! Hahaha!
I think I've had maybe 3 snow days in all of my education experience here in Canada (which amounts to around 15 years), and they were either because of EXTREME temperatures (like, -50C with the windchill) or, like corr said, we got 5 ft of snow.
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