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With all of the features, format, etc, and users on the "other" forum, I'm glad to say i've at least enjoyed my experiences with All of the users here treat each other like family, once in a while someone plays "mother" in here but it's usually to help out the newbies which is great! We all started there, I've rarely seen people go on monstrous ego trips here, unlike "the other forum".......soon Jeff, will take over the entire world...........MUUUUUUUAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHAAAAAA HHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! (supposed to be an evil happy laugh, lol) Love it here, can't stand it there. L8R
"One hour from now, another species of life form will disappear off the face of the planet, forever, and the rate is accelerating.." - excerpt from Megadeth's Countdown to Extinction

And it's up to us to stop it - Gorelith
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