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Paul, the bloods were supposed to be sold to me as well at one point. Infact, the first day i inquired, he was willing to drive them to me right away.
but he decided not too for some reason.
So we went back and forth, i told him i wanted the female, and even found a friend to take the male. Sooner or later he stopped emailing me.
and that was that.
I dont feel the need to continuously email someone, for an animal i want, and not get a response.
Like Trevor, ill take my business elsewhere.
This was over 2 months ago, and if he wanted them sold. he could have had that a looong time ago.
He disapointed two parties, and obviously a lot more so ive read.

Soooo....Dont count on recieving them, but goodluck.
Grant van Gameren
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