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I say, if they call them selves a retailer or act like a retailer then they should get treated like a retailer! The customer is always right! They need to learn this if they are going to stay alive. If you are trying to run a business you can't tell someone you are going to sell him or her something and then not do it. They will take their business elsewhere, I have. If they say they can't hold it and you come back and it's gone then it's your tuff luck. You should have bought it when you had the chance. But if they say they are going to hold some for you and don't, that is bad business and as the consumers we have a right, and a duty to inform others so that they can make more informed decisions before making a purchase form that person or persons. There are too many people in herpetoculture that only act like they are a retailer when it suits them. If you give your self a name, have a website then to me you're presenting your self as a retailer and if you do and you burn someone they I say you should expect to hear about it. If you're Joe Blow who has a snake for sale the do what you like but if you're going to present your self as a business then expect to get treated like one buy your customers sometimes or stay small.
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