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Just an observation... about life on

Just an observation...
I posted the picture to show off one of my corn snakes. I consider her to be a gorgeous snake, and being a relatively new snake owner, I'm thrilled with her, and how she's turning out. On this forum, people took my post for what it was - showing of my pride and joy, and made me feel good about her. On "The Other Forum" it turned into almost a blood bath of genetics and giving the impression that offspring produced by relatively unknown small time breeders should be looked down upon (or that's the message I got out of it). Whatever the mood was over there, it was definitely a negative outcome.

I've got to remember to stay away from "The Other Forum", and stick with only, where people are human, humane, considerate, make posters feel like they belong and are welcome no matter how new they are to keeping a species.

Jeff, thanks for 'giving' us
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