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Royal, thanx, I appreciate the kind words.

gorelith, I am located in New Glascow Nova scotia, I will take those chameleons when they are available.

ReneeB, well if you ever decide to buy any snakes from me, and I have lots, 100's, I will hold any snake you decided that you wanted, even if it took you a couple of weeks to come up with the money, as long as I have your word you really want the snake. check out my available page,
( )

Cory, i understand what you are saying, but they never asked for a deposit. I would have been more then willing to put a deposit on an animals. when I first replied to the Ad, I was willing to purchase those animals right then and there. I am a man of my word, if you wanted any animals from me that were not ready, I would hold them for you with or without a deposit. And if you decided after the two weeks once the animals were ready that you did not want the animals, then no problem, I would put them back up for sale, someone will eventually want them. it still wouldnt change the way I do things. As for the enclousers, of course i can do something with them, I just purchased 40 large chameleons from a company in Tanzania, they will be here along with over 500 other african lizard species next week. But still I was looking forward to these veiled chameleons. Considering what London reptiles were selling their veiled chameleons and the turn over rate on veiled chameleons in the american market, man I did loose out on money for sure. I would have made some quick cash. But thats my thang, buy and sell.

Dom, I understand the first come first serve thang!! But that was not stated in this case, I saw a posting stating animals for sale, I wrote to them and told them I wanted to buy them all. they said they wont be ready for two weeks, I said well I will take them all in two weeks. Now if they said well we will need a deposit, I would have replied, whats your bank account info??? and had the money deposted asap!!! I mean , it was only 40 veiled chameleons. Its just the principals. look at ReneeB, she wanted some snakes, they made an agreement on the purchese then just when she was about to deposit the monies she was informed the animals were sold, another too bad so sad!!!
Thats not good business!
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