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I'm not defending anyone here.......I'm just offering my opinions.

Did you have a deposit on the animals in question? In my book something isn't sold until money has been received (at the very least a deposit). If you did not have a deposit on the animals than London Reptiles is free to sell them to whom ever they please as they are their animals. If someone from the East (or west) coast wanted to buy something from me but didn't have a deposit on the animals and then someone else local called me up with the cash I'd take the cash from the local guy.........Money talks!

I have noticed recently that there has been a lot of people lately wanting to buy animals......saying a deposit is on the way and then it never shows up after they screw you around a bit. It is now my policy to wait a week max for a deposit and if it doesn't show up the animals go back up forsale (unless other arrangements have been made). I had a guy string me out in BC for 3 weeks on a $6500 order which the deposit never arrived (after him promising on 2 different times to deposit the money the next day into my account) and another guy in the USA who took over a week to send me payment on $2000 US of I sold the animal to the next guy in line..........The first guy was pissed off but I told him you snooze you loose.

Getting back to your money was lost on the animals and I'm sure you can find something else to put in those enclosures so there was very little harm done.

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